DRG Labs – Pathogen Plus Profile – LAUNCHED Dec 2013

We are excited to launch a new PCR based stool diagnostics test. The Pathogen Plus Profile from DRG Labs will be available to ship from 19.12.13

DNA based microbiology assays can measure organisms in the digestive tract, such as bacteria, parasites and viruses, with very high accuracy.  But this information has to be clinically useful – which is why DRG have developed a new stool test that provides practitioners with the markers most relevant for understanding the digestive environment from both functional medicine and primary healthcare perspectives.

The PCR technology used by DRG can detect infectious agents missed by other routine analytic techniques such as culture and serological assays, and can overcome some of the acknowledged shortcomings of culture techniques such as low sensitivity, inability to detect non-cultivating bacteria and low levels of reproducibility.  Molecular diagnostics are playing an increasingly important role in diagnosing infections and improving patient outcomes.

Because this test is designed to be used by both functional medicine and primary healthcare practitioners you can be sure that the markers reported are clinically relevant, helping you design an effective protocol AND work with primary healthcare practitioners to achieve the best possible health outcomes for your clients.

Cost for Practitioner/Patient: £239

If you have a patient with functional digestive imbalances and related symptoms the DRG stool test can help you evaluate:

Bacteria and Toxins

Helicobacter pylori



GI Health Markers by elisa

Antibiotic Resistance by drug class

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