WEBINAR: R.E.D. Labs – Testing for autism, CFS and intestinal dysbiosis

Testing Panels for autism, chronic fatigue syndrome and intestinal dysbiosis

R.E.D. Laboratories is a Belgian biotechnology company developing and performing tests for chronic immune diseases, based on scientific literature and extensive collaboration with specialized physicians. In this webinar Dr Tanja Mijatovic discusses R.E.D Lab’s testing portfolio with special focus on panels for autism, chronic fatigue syndrome and intestinal dysbiosis. Dr Mijatovic discusses the 3 major groups of factors/dysfunctions contributing to immune disorders:

• Global immune dysfunctions – including cytokine expression, macrophage activity and nagalase testing (see below for more info)
• Persistent and/or chronic infections – many patients with immune disorders report an infectious trigger for disease onset, and there are a number of pathogens often found in these patients. R.E.D. Lab scientists have developed a range of serology and PCR-based assays to support chronic infection testing
• Intestinal dysfunctions – including SIgA, IgM, inflammation and viral detection markers.


This webinar is presented by Dr Tanja Mijatovic (PhD in Molecular biology), who is the Lab manager at R.E.D Labs.

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